Ladies' Bible Study

This group was set up for those who struggled to find another Small Group because of time or family commitments. We welcome all ladies, irrespective of age or background, whether you attend BRBC or not.

You can come for a term and then miss one, or dip in and out each week, as suits your schedule. For some this may be your only fellowship group, others also belong to another Small Group.

We have a different focus each term and may alter the form or content of what we do. Our leadership will also change as circumstances dictate. This is a fluid and evolving group.

Come and join us for bible study, prayer, sharing, fellowship, friendship, creative activities, socials and service.  Bring your own gifts and attitudes and add to the mix.

When do we meet?

9.30 to 11.30am most term time Friday mornings in the Meeting Rooms at BRBC although it's always worth checking the calendar of events.