A Christian television station based in the Middle East and reaching the people of the Middle East and North Africa. It broadcasts in Arabic, Turkish and Farsi and seeks to make the Gospel, the local church and people’s rights and freedoms visible to those they serve.

This Advent, SAT-7 is exploring how God is bringing freedom to people in the Middle East.
When daily life suddenly changed following the first coronavirus lockdown earlier this year, we instantly lost freedoms that we have perhaps taken for granted: seeing our friends and extended families; gathering in our church buildings; travelling around the country; enjoying social spaces. After nearly a year of restrictions, we now have first-hand experience of some of the problems that isolated Christians in the Middle East have been dealing with for their whole lives.
For many of our Christian brothers and sisters in the Middle East and North Africa, a lack of freedom is a never-ending pandemic that prevents much more than just social gatherings and festive celebrations. Many believers cannot meet safely with other Christians. Many women cannot leave their homes to spend time with their friends. Many families travel only to escape from danger.
This Advent, SAT-7 will take a look at the Middle East and North Africa through the lens of freedom. They have prepared a range of resources , including a prayer guide with prayers and reflections for every day, and will also be sending out its content as daily prayer emails. To sign up for a free prayer guide and other Advent resources click here.

They are also hosting a special Advent Family Celebration Live with children’s TV presenter, Gemma Hunt on Zoom on Saturday 5th December at 4pm, for an hour. There will be activities, craft, songs, stories and prayers. You can view a video advert here.

Advent Family Celebration FLYE