All children aged 0 - 2½ are very welcome to join the crèche group during the whole of the Sunday morning service. To find the crèche, assuming you enter the church building from the New Street entrance, go straight through the Main Hall. By leaving their children in the safe care of our leaders, who are church members, parents are free to worship in the main service, while their children play in a creative, calm and secure atmosphere. Biscuits and raisins are provided for the children but most bring their own drinks, although we have appropriate cups to provide water if they do not.

Other information: When new children come, we ask where their parents are sitting in church, and always come and get them if their child becomes distressed, and we are unable to comfort them.  We can settle most children most of the time, but we never allow the child to cry beyond a few minutes. If parents want to stay with their child for a few sessions, or for a time at the beginning of a session, that is fine.  We do ask that children are collected promptly at the end, as some get upset when some children are collected, but they are left in the room.  We also ask that only parents or a designated adult collect the child, not older siblings.