Sunday Club

All children are welcome in the first part of the service which starts at 10:30am and which is usually geared towards them.  If children do want to remain with their parents or carers during the whole service that is absolutely fine.

Usually there is a Sunday Club for children; all children, including visitors, are very welcome to join the group appropriate to their age. The worship leader will announce when it is time for the children and young people to go to Sunday Club - normally about 20 minutes into the service, although occasionally there is an all-age service when the whole church worships together and there is no Sunday Club.

There is a Crèche for the very youngest children (0 - 2½), and also a soundproof(ish) family room on the first floor where parents can take their children and continue to participate in the service by means of viewing windows and a loudspeaker in the room.


For children aged between 2½ and 4 years, Beginners meet in the third of the three Meeting Rooms on the first floor. Through games, craft activities and Bible stories, the children are introduced to the themes that will help them to understand more about the meaning of having Jesus as a friend in their lives.


For children aged between 4 and 7 years, Sparklers meet in the Main Hall which is straight ahead as you enter the building through the New Street entrance. Sessions start with a time for prayer, then there is a story from the Bible, followed by crafts and games, which the children particularly enjoy, especially when chocolate is involved! The aim of Rescuers is to provide a relaxed introduction to the Bible.


For children in school years 3 and 4, Lanterns meet in the middle Meeting Room on the first floor. The children learn from a Bible passage, through games and activities and by getting to know the other members of the group.  The aim is help them to learn more about personally following Jesus and to help them find their way around the Bible.


For children in school years 5 and 6, Searchlights meet in the upstairs Sports Hall and the approach involves learning and understanding a passage of the Bible in a friendly and supportive environment.  This is done in a number of different ways such as discussions, children asking questions and by using short dramas.  Games are also popular and usually involve moving around and running off some energy!


For young people in school years 7 and 8, Fireworks meets in the first of the three Meeting Rooms on the first floor and is focused on helping the young people understand Christianity in a world where it is not openly welcomed.  The young people are taught the skills they can use as they share the Gospel with their friends, and they are encouraged to live out their lives as witnesses of Jesus' love for the world.  At least one Sunday each month, Spirit goes off the premises to study the Bible in small groups, usually at a local coffee shop.


For young people in school years 9 and above, Lighthouse meets in the Chapel at the New Street entrance to the building.  The programme is aimed at helping young people consider issues of Christianity in the world, and what it means to follow Christ in our time.