Bible and Lillies


If you would like our minister to take a funeral or to have a funeral service at BRBC, please mention this to the Funeral Director and ask them to build this into their arrangements. They will coordinate the availability of the minister, the church, and the cemetery or the crematorium to fit in with your requirements. The minister will then arrange to visit you and offer support, as well as talking through the details of the service. It is possible to have a single ceremony in the chapel at the crematorium or cemetery; alternatively you may prefer having a relatively brief service of committal there, which can either be preceded or followed by a longer service of thanksgiving at BRBC.

A funeral is a time to mourn and to say goodbye, but it can also be a time to celebrate someone’s life and to give thanks for all their life has meant to those they loved. Normally a service will include a couple of hymns, Bible readings and sometimes a poem. You might want to think about some music to listen to at the beginning and end of the service. At BRBC we have the facility to play CDs and also to display pictures on a screen. Tributes can be given by a member of the family, or you may prefer the minister to say something on your behalf; if so, it is helpful to have some background details to hand, particularly if the person who has died was not known to us at church. Sometimes people request a brief sermon that expresses the Christian hope of life after death, but we do understand that many people are not sure where they stand with respect to the Christian faith: our aim is to arrange a service that will be a meaningful source of comfort and hope for anyone who requests this, whatever their background.

Once a year in November we hold a short memorial service and invite people who have been bereaved in the previous year as part of the on-going care and support that we offer.

Losing someone and planning a funeral are never easy, but we are willing to help in any way we can. Please contact the minister if you would like to talk with someone about this.