Dedication photoA Dedication Service is a ceremony in which parents thank God for the birth of a child and make promises about how as parents they will look after their new baby.

It’s called a ‘dedication’ because in the Bible a woman called Hannah was unable to have a child for a long time and when she did eventually have a baby boy her response was to dedicate him to God.

In the service we entrust the child to God’s care for the future and pray for the parents, asking for God’s help in the sometimes daunting task of looking after their baby.

What happens?

There is no water involved – this is not a christening and there is no suggestion that this ceremony makes the child a Christian. If appropriate, the parents can make promises that they will share their own faith with their son or daughter, but there is no expectation that non-Christians should have to make any such commitment. Dedication services normally happen as part of a normal morning service at BRBC, but private dedication ceremonies can be arranged on Sunday afternoons by arrangement with the minister.


Sometimes people nominate a friend or another member of the family as a ‘godparent’ who will support them in bringing up the child and who is invited to promise to be available as a friend to the child as they grow up and to set a good example. Other family members or friends who are present are also invited to express their support.

Pay us a visit

Why not come along one Sunday to one of our services and see what goes on?  Also Mums and Dads with new babies are always very welcome at our Parents and Toddlers group which meets at the church on Wednesday afternoons.