Small Groups

Our Small Groups are many and varied. They incorporate what many refer to as Housegroups, which meet in members' homes.  There are some that meet in the church building and some elsewhere, such as the 'pub group' which meets in the Queens Head to discuss items of topical interest.
What is the overriding aim and purpose of these groups? To provide a safe and secure environment in which we can get to know our other group members really well and where we are enabled to study God’s Word, develop friendships and grow in our walk with Christ, both individually and as a group.
Our groups seek to be outward looking and welcoming, and we would encourage everyone to seek out a group that is just right for them: a group where one feels relaxed, at home, able to be oneself.  Belonging to one of these groups is one of the best ways to become involved and where prayer and support is available when dealing with issues that life can present.

Contact the office for times, location and details.