Brighton Road Baptist Church Playschool


Depending on the device you are using the menu will appear in different locations.

If you are using a device such as a mobile phone then the menu will appear at the top right of the screen with three horizontal lines. Click on or touch this part of the screen which will open up the top level menu.  The sub menus for Playschool can then be accessed by clicking on or touching the 'Menu' below 'BRBC Website' which will then display all the sub menus from which you can make your choice.

If you are using a larger tablet or desktop/ laptop device then the top level menu will appear near the top right of the screen. Hovering over the 'Menu' with a mouse or selecting it on a touch screen device will show a drop down list of all the sub menus. Any selected page will then also have all the sub menus displayed within it, to the right of the selected information.