Sunday Club 

What are its aims? 
  1. To provide a safe and loving environment in which the next generation can be introduced to and explore the Christian faith, learning about the Bible and what it means to follow Jesus.
  2.  To develop faith and support those who wish to make a personal commitment to follow Jesus.
  3. To provide purposeful and enjoyable activities and games.
  4. To create a space where children and young people can discuss any issues, feel happy, have fun and make friends.


All group leaders and regular assisters have been checked through the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). They are all volunteers from within the church family. There is always one leader and at least one assister working with each group every Sunday. 

The Age Groups

Crèche (age 0 to 2½) 

There is a calm atmosphere in crèche where the very young can play or sleep. If a child becomes distressed and the staff are unable to settle them, their parent or carer will be called out of the service to attend to them. Parents and carers are welcome to stay in crèche with their child(ren) should they wish.

Beginners (pre-school children age 2½ to 4)

Beginners learn about God’s love through simple stories in the Bible. There are games, activities, craft work and singing. There is also time to play and talk.

Sparklers (school years R to 2)

Sparklers learn Bible stories from both the Old and New Testament. They are introduced to topics such as the armour of God and the fruits of the Spirit. The children are encouraged to pray aloud. They engage with the topics through a variety of age related practical activities.

Searchlights (school years 3 to 6)

On joining Searchlights all children are given their own copy of the Good News Bible. They read from the Bible and discuss the meaning of different passages and how it relates to them. Activities include crafts, drama, quizzes, drawing, writing and games in the sports hall.

Fireworks (school years 7 and 8)

Fireworks is about discussing the Christian faith, asking lots of questions and developing an understanding of how to follow Jesus. Activities include Bible exploration, role play, prayer for each other and games.

Lighthouse (school years 9 and above)

Lighthouse is a discussion based group aimed at encouraging young people to develop a personal relationship with Jesus and to consider the issues facing them and what it means to live as a Christian in today’s world. Young people in this group care for and support each other, for example during exams. There are occasional trips out to a local café.