A Christian television station based in the Middle East and reaching the people of the Middle East and North Africa. It broadcasts in Arabic, Turkish and Farsi and seeks to make the Gospel, the local church and people’s rights and freedoms visible to those they serve.

2020 was a record year of interactions between our viewers and audience support teams especially for our SAT-7 Kids channel that saw a 90% increase and audience engagement for SAT-7 ACADEMY our educational programmes soared by 328% ! 

A mother from Syria recently contacted them recently to say:
“I saw the love, mercy, and forgiveness in the Christian community, although I only ever met two Christians in my life. I met a minister five years ago, who teaches the Bible in a church. He is from the USA. I started listening to his teachings, and he started sending me verses from the Bible to read. My life changed and they created in me a curiosity to know God more and get closer to Him…I’m now pregnant with a baby girl. My dream is that from childhood she would know how beautiful and big God is. I saw these beautiful values in you on SAT-7, how you love each other and pray for each other. This channel was a door of light to me. Seeing how kids talk... I haven’t seen these values in my community.”

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