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Soundwaves Radio studio

Soundwaves Radio is the broadcasting team of BRBC.


Our Purpose

Our purpose is to share the Christian message by radio and internet enabling the listener to hear of God's love in the non-threatening environment and comfort of their own homes or on their mobile phones.

We work in conjunction with radio stations around the world, producing radio programmes in formats that fit in with the style of the station.



  • Thoughts For The Day, ranging from 30 seconds to 2 minutes to set you up to face the day.
  • Heart Song, 15 minutes of music and chat with a guest who talks about their favourite hymn or song and what it means to them.
  •  Country Wise, 30 minutes of Christian Country Music where we discover the wise words contained in it.
  • Days End, A short gentle way to round off the day.
Other productions include programmes for the main Christian festivals of Easter, Harvest and Christmas. Among the other activities we have assisted churches with recording Teaching Material, an audio book on the Authenticity of the Book of Daniel for the visual impaired and sound recordings for three films / DVD:-


We work with any radio station, secular, commercial or Christian that wish to take our programmes, Over the 30 or so years of operating we have helped stations with programmes on four continents covering areas from Scotland in the north to New Zealand in the south, in Europe and both North and South America. Currently the Catholic station Heavens Road fm. broadcasts Country Wise once a week and our Heart Song programme four times every day. 

Can we help you?

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