Message from Michael

BRBK - A New Initiative!

I’m taking the opportunity to share through the bulletin about a new initiative to help us as BRBC to provide for children and youth on Sundays. This was shared at the September church meeting.

"Brighton Road Baptist Kid’s Club (or "BRBK" for short) will begin with three trial sessions before Christmas and will be launched proper at the beginning of Tim Carter’s sabbatical. See details below.

The overall objective of BRBK is the sharing of the good news of God found in the scriptures and the enabling and equipping of the children and youth of BRBC to be effective disciples of Jesus in our world today.

As part of my role as Leader of Community Evangelism I am being released (for the duration from preaching and leading duties in Sunday services) to be a resource – heading up this new initiative with my wife Sandra. BRBK’s viability depends upon us being able to gather and form a team of volunteers to serve weekly (or on a rota basis if the team is large enough).

BRBK will cater for children of Key Stage 1 (infants – Reception to Year 2) and Key Stage 2 (juniors – Year 3 to Year 6). Key Stage 3 children (secondary school aged) are encouraged to be part of the BRBK team and to participate in the activities as "Young Leaders" (to use and grow their gifts and explore their calling within the life of church). The KS1 parent/carer is encouraged to stay and participate if needed and the KS2 parent can stay and participate if they want, but can also go into the service in the Sanctuary (they are to stay on the premises – with ability to contact if needed). At this stage we wouldn't be having any children 'sent' without their adult on the premises.

The BRBK Team will be made up by volunteers from the fellowship, all to be DBS checked (see Geoff Smith). A range of roles and tasks are available – so people from all ages and abilities are welcomed – you don't have to be able to run about – but can be free to help with the craft activities at tables and chat with the kids for example.

Each session will be on a Bible topic and some overall themes may cover several weeks (e.g. David & Goliath, Elijah and the prophets of Baal, Jesus and Miracles, etc.). Each session will include several 'ingredients': Registration, snack & drink, up-front presentations, story from scripture, music & song, testimony, prayer, discussion, drama, memory verses, games, competitions, quizzes, challenges, arts & crafts, activities, quiet corner, take-home sheets, etc.

At the end of each session, the parent/carer will come to pick-up their child/children and are welcomed to see what we've been doing and/or watch the final part depending on time. There is a possibility/hope (dependent on strength of team) of visiting families during the week – to build up links/relationships.

BRBK (1st Phase) Trial Sessions:
Sundays: 24th Oct, 14th Nov, 5th Dec.
10:50am – 12 noon (with children)
(Nb 10:30am – 10:50am Team prep & prayer)
In the upstairs Sports Hall.
BRBK will be during the second service at 11am in the Sanctuary (aimed to be more reflective on those particular weeks).

BRBK (2nd Phase) Launched proper:
Sunday 9th January
10:20am – 11:30am (with children)
(Nb. 10am – 10:20am Team prep & prayer)
In the upstairs Sports Hall.
BRBK will be during the single Sunday Service which starts 10:30am in the Sanctuary.

Running for approximately 3 months (during Tim’s sabbatical) through to Palm Sunday (10th April, Easter Sunday is 17th April). With three Sunday 'breaks' for Intergenerational worship all-together in Sanctuary (dates to be decided).

Then reviewed for a possible 3rd Phase? the Lord leads.

Please pray for this new initiative and consider whether you would like to volunteer. This initiative is dependent upon the speedy formation of a viable team. Please get in touch with Michael or Sandra Hogg ASAP so we can begin building a BRBK team.
Thank you.

Revd Michael Hogg 
07926 045598