Family and Friends Drop In (For carers)



Family and Friends Drop In at Brighton Road Baptist Church is for anyone who supports another person where the person who receives that care could not live their everyday life safely, decently or even enjoyably without it.

We offer a calm private space in which Carers may relax and recharge their emotional and spiritual batteries in the company of other Carers and with a team of experienced helpers who really understand.

It is not necessary to be a ‘registered Carer’ or to attend this church or indeed any church to attend this group. If you are ‘caring’ for someone else who depends on that help then you are invited to come along ‘just as you are’. You will be most welcome.

For ten months of the year we meet together on a Friday afternoon. These ‘Drop Ins’ always begin with a quiet time of reflection on a topic related to ‘Caring’. Following this there is plenty of opportunity to unwind and chat with other Carers and members of the team while enjoying a choice of homemade cake and drinks from our famously bottomless tea and coffee pots.

We are happy to pray individually and confidentially with any Carer who wishes for this.

Twice a year we meet on a Saturday afternoon instead in order to share a very relaxed full afternoon tea.  

Our dates, times and venues for 2020 are listed below.

The team hold a selection of books and leaflets specifically related to Caring and for some Carers these have proved very helpful. The team are also able to signpost a range of additional sources of support both within in the church and out in the wider community too.

We encourage everyone who comes along to anything we organise to do so as fits in with their private circumstances without feeling any pressure at all to explain.

If you would like to know more about ‘Drop In’ or if you would appreciate speaking with one of our Carers team we can be contacted by email: or via the church office tel:  01403 211150.

Our Friday ‘Drop Ins’ start at 2pm and usually close by 4.30pm. We meet in the Chapel on the ground floor.

Our Saturday Afternoon Teas in July & December start at 2.30pm and we usually close by 4.30pm. We meet in the Main Hall on the ground floor.

For our Saturday Afternoon Teas in July and December the team do ask that if you wish to attend one of these that you let the team know (directly to a member of the team or via the church office) by the evening of the Wednesday before. i.e 48 hours ahead of the date. This will help greatly with our catering. Thank you!

Our 2020 dates:

  • Friday January 10th - ‘Drop In’
  • Friday February 14th - ‘Drop In’
  • Friday March 13th - ‘Drop In’ - CANCELLED
  • Friday April 3rd - ‘Drop In’ - CANCELLED
  • Friday May 1st - ‘Drop In’ - CANCELLED
  • Friday June 12th - ‘Drop In’ - CANCELLED
  • Saturday July 11th - Summer Afternoon Tea - CANCELLED
  • Friday August 14th – CANCELLED


    Providing there are no local concerns about the numbers of Covid-19 cases rising again the team will be making arrangements to meet with group members who would like to do that. 
    We will meet outside either 1:1 or in very small groups in gardens and green spaces.  
    Please contact the team if you haven’t heard from them by end July and you wish to join in.

  • Friday September 11th - ‘Drop In’ PLEASE CHECK BACK
  • Friday October 9th - ‘Drop In’ PLEASE CHECK BACK
  • Friday November 13th - ‘Drop In’ PLEASE CHECK BACK
  • Saturday December 12th - Christmas Afternoon Tea PLEASE CHECK BACK