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We are living in uncertain times. A way of life that we were able to take for granted this time last year has been curtailed and the future looks uncertain; irrespective of the weather, we are all in for a long, hard winter. 

Many Christians have drawn strength in the past from the regular routine of weekly worship at church, and although this has been disrupted, that does not mean that God has left us without the resources to cope. In Equipped@BRBC, we are exploring practical ways in which we can draw on God’s grace to get us through the times ahead with our mental health, our emotional wellbeing and our spiritual vitality intact. 

We started by looking at how to read the Bible for ourselves. Now, in the new year, we will be looking at such themes as prayer, our spiritual armour, and getting through isolation, doubt and times of change. Then we will explore ways of sharing the good news with our neighbours, since probably many of us are seeing a bit more of them than we used to.

These sessions are taking place approximately twice a month at 6.30 pm on Sunday nights. At the moment are solely online, via Zoom, but will be held at Brighton Road after the current restrictions are lifted. 
  • Sunday 28th Feb - "Evangelism - Part 2 " with Michael Hogg & Jon Fisher - Looking at the What, Who, Why and How of Evangelism

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You can also watch previous sessions here and audio recordings are available here.

As we get through the winter together, we can be confident that God will supply all our needs in accordance with the wealth of his glory.