Can I still believe in God? 

Based on a book written by Craig Blomberg, you are warmly invited to a series of Zoom meetings at 6.30 pm starting on 12th September to explore 12 reasons why some people find it difficult to believe in God. We will be looking at these issues: 

I can't believe in God because... 

Sept 12th   There is too much evil and suffering in the world. 

Sept 19th   He condemns people to eternal torment in hell. 

Sept 26th   He condones slavery. 

Oct 3rd       He treats women as second-class citizens. 

Oct 10th     He is homophobic. 

Oct 17th     I can’t believe in miracles.  (This meeting will start at 8pm.)

Oct 24th     Jesus is a myth. 

Nov 7th      The Bible is full of violence. 

Nov 14th    Prayer is just a placebo. 

Nov 21st     The gospels are full of contradictions. 

Nov 28th    Over the centuries the Church rewrote the Bible. 

Dec 5th       Who would want to be a Christian anyway?  

These are real obstacles to faith for some people and the evenings will provide an opportunity for honest discussion in a safe environment, recognising that between us we may find very different ways of reconciling these issues with our trust in God. Some come prepared to ask questions, to listen, to think, to be honest, to be open and to explore what it means to trust God at the end of 2021.  

If you would like to join, please find the Zoom details below:

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Meeting ID: 836 8728 1730
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Telephone: +44 330 088 5830